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Stepping into Rural Wisconsin: 

Grandpa Charly's Life Vignettes, from Prussia to the Midwest


Co-author, Editor

There are many narratives about European immigrants that came to the US in the 1800s, but few talk about the families that arrived from Prussia. This recollection entertains, educates, and informs readers with fascinating historical details, how life was lived in the early 1900s in rural Wisconsin.

Ed Kuehn puts together the puzzle of his Midwest American family to form a solid picture of his grandparents, taking the reader on a journey through their life, in early 20th-century America. We identify with the story because of the similarities with our own immigration ancestry; just as difficult and based on the same motivations as immigration is today.

Stepping into Rural Wisconsin is available on in paperback and Kindle, and in local stores in the Green Lake Country Area.

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Circus Babylon 

by Spur Nelson

(MG/YA Mystery Series - Book 1)


What happens when Simon's mother, a private investigator, disappears after scoping out a the local circus? He leaves school, convincing his magician father they need to join the traveling circus to look for her.

This children's adventure book follows Simon as he searches for his missing mother in the most interesting of places. Through his journey, Simon learns about diversity, new friendships, discovers his strengths and weaknesses and more importantly, begins to define himself as an individual.

Coming Spring of 2018.


2015 & 2014

Editor, Producer

A curated, insightful and comprehensive annual tourism guide for the Green Lake Country Area, showcasing 5 distinct cities (Berlin, Green Lake, Markesan, Princeton & Ripon) featuring events, recreation, lodging, dining and entertainment opportunities for the whole family.


Editor - Producer

First Heritage Tourism Guide for the Green Lake Country area, showcasing museums, photos, historical markers for twelve local historical societies. An excellent literature piece for history buffs, students and heritage tourism travelers.